Get the best OEM VMware prices and rebates with Lenovo

Maximise profit when you sell and renew OEM VMware with Lenovo and non-Lenovo hardware deals.


The lowest prices. Better rebates than VMware.

Did you know you can sell and renew the complete portfolio of OEM VMware software licenses, as part of your Lenovo and non-Lenovo hardware deals? With Lenovo you benefit from:

The lowest VMware license prices for Software deals under €500,000
Better rebates than VMware’s own channel programme, up to 13.5%

OEM VMware is ideal for customers buying ThinkAgile VX solutions, or running VMware vSphere on ThinkSystem servers. But it’s not just for Lenovo hardware deals. You can maximise OEM VMware profitability across the board.

Three ways to add VMware and win

Lenovo offers the best pricing for OEM VMware licenses - and higher rebates than the VMware channel program. It’s easy to:

Increase any deal’s revenue by $800 per CPU by adding the most basic VMware license, like vSphere Standard.

Double or triple deal your revenue with Enterprise licenses to let customers benefit from features like Distributed Resource (DRS) or Distributed Power Management™ (DPM).

Add VMware vSphere and vSAN licenses to the Hyperconverged projects with ThinkAgile VX. By including licenses you can provide a full solution experience to your customer and a single point of contact for any request. Learn more about our VX offering, also as a service.

Get an edge by offering customers great value

Selling OEM VMware is also a great way to meet more customer needs with an expanded offering. You have an edge when selling VMware through Lenovo because you can offer:

More flexible and convenient support

with one point of contact for VMware and Lenovo related questions or issues.

Highly competitive pricing

Lenovo offers you unbeatable OEM pricing for deals under €500,000, thanks to the great partnership with VMware.

How to get started

Want to start increasing your revenues with OEM VMware licenses for your Lenovo and non-Lenovo hardware deals? Download the flyer and book a discussion with your local VMware expert.