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Lenovo & VMware Partner Sales Playbook

Based around the invaluable insights of subject-matter experts and seasoned sales teams, this playbook helps you achieve more productive customer conversations via high-level messaging and specific, play-by-play guidance for our joint solution areas.



Discover New Sales Opportunities

Review important questions to identify opportunities with your target accounts and stay ahead of the competition in sales.


Call Guides covering a wide range of technology solutions

Each specifically developed Call Guide covers recognized customer pain points and how to address these challenges by highlighting interesting possibilities and workable solutions, leading through to opportunity validation and arranging a follow-up meeting.

AI-Ready Enterprise Platform Call Guide

Despite being a top priority, only 53% of AI projects actually go into production: yet here’s a solution that can run AI/ML on-premises with a trusted platform and enables AI scaling at the edge.

As-A-Service Call Guide

To optimize performance and resource utilization, customers want to move workloads wherever they’re needed – and this managed solution enables scaling without incremental capital investments.

Edge Call Guide

Enterprises increasingly recognize that they need a hybrid cloud environment to meet their infrastructure needs – yet harsh IT environments are complicating the shift to the edge.

Modern Apps Call Guide

Customers need to modernize critical legacy applications and build and deploy containerized workloads to any cloud – and here’s a solution that simplifies Kubernetes and lifecycle management.

Professional Services Call Guide

Hybrid cloud and data-center changes are accelerating the need for new solutions, but companies are struggling with the cost, application, and complexity.

Smart Cloud Call Guide

To transform customer experience and scale business innovation while avoiding complexity, businesses must move from a ‘cloud first’ to a ‘cloud smart’ strategy for workloads and data.